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利用可/Available津なぎさまち公設駐車場/TSU NAGISAMACHI Parking

  • 駐車場は常に出入りがあるため、状況表示が実際とずれることがあります。目安としてご利用ください。
  • 第2~第5駐車場[閉鎖]駐車場送迎車[休止]
    第1駐車場警備員TEL 090-8152-6149または津エアポートライン TEL 059-213-6582までお申し出ください。


  4便ダイヤ / 4 cruises a day



津なぎさまち 発  →  中部国際空港着
TSU dept. -> NGO Airport 
8:00 → 8:45
10:00 → 10:45
12:00 → 12:55
15:00 → 15:55
中部国際空港 発 → 津なぎさまち着
NGO Airport (Centrair) dept. ->TSU
9:00 → 9:45
11:00 → 11:45
13:50 → 14:45
16:10 → 17:05









  • クレジット決済が可能です。(web予約は予約時決済可。割引のある方・特急バスセット券は当日払いのみ。)
  • Web予約事前決済割引キャンペーン実施
    【期 間】令和4年5月17日~令和4年11月15日(ご予約完了日となります)
  • Web決済完了済のお客様はQRコードをかざすだけ乗船券と領収書をお受け取り頂けます。(ご乗船当日ターミナル内にて。)
  • ご乗船前は必ずお手続きをお願い致します。
  • 欠航時、Web予約のお客様には欠航が決まり次第メールでご連絡致します。当社からのメールを必ずご確認下さい。
  • 津なぎさまちから中部国際空港までのルート/Alternative route 
  • 当面の間、1ヵ月先まで予約を受付いたします
  • 当面の間、特別席の販売は中止いたします
  • 新型コロナウイルス感染拡大予防について

  • 平日の朝、津市周辺は渋滞しますので、ご乗船には余裕を持ってお越しください
  • 就航案内の読み方、解説


Payment Methods: cash, credit cards, electronic money cards (Edy, nanaco, QUICPay), travel agency coupon tickets
※ Fares to be paid on day of travel.

Fees TSU-NAGISAMACHI- Chubu International Airport (NGO/Centrair )
Adults  ¥2,520
Children  ¥1,260
Infants 1 infant per adult may travel free of charge. In all other situations, the children’s fare applies.
The children’s fare also applies if the infant requires a seat.
Special Room Plus ¥530

※Departing Tsu-Nagisamachi on Tsu Route: 7:00, 9:00, 11:00, 15:00, 18:00, 20:00/ Arriving at Airport 8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 16:00, 19:00, 21:00.
※Children aged 1 year or less travel free of charge.


Fees TSU-NAGISAMACHI- Chubu International Airport (NGO/Centrair )
(15 people or more)
Adults  ¥2,270
Children  ¥1,140
Discounts for those with  Adults  ¥1,260
Children  ¥630
Student Discounts 1 – 14 people  ¥2,020
15 people or more  ¥1,770
  • ※ Please display your disability certificate or student card at the ticket booth to receive a discount.
    Overseas students must show a student card from their overseas university.
    (※ Cards must have a date of expiration)
  • ※ Disability Discount: Carers traveling with those with a class 1 disability will also receive the discount. Discount only applies to the certificate holder for those with class 2 disabilities.
Fees TSU-NAGISAMACHI- Chubu International Airport (NGO/Centrair )
Multiple-Use Ticket   ¥25,200
Contains 11 tickets, must be used within 6 months

Purchasing Multiple-Use Tickets

  • Multiple-use tickets can be purchased at ticket-booths at all of Tsu Airport Line’s operating locations.
  • Payment Methods: Cash/Credit Card

Using Multiple-Use Tickets

  • A reservation is required to use multiple-use tickets.
  • After reserving, a multiple-use ticket must be exchanged for a boarding ticket at the ticket booth.
  • One multiple-use ticket can be exchanged for 1 adult or 2 children’s boarding tickets.
  • Multiple-use tickets can also be used by students and others who are eligible for discounts, but the difference in price cannot be refunded.
  • When using a Tsu Route multiple-use ticket on the Matsusaka Route, you must pay the price difference.
  •  When using a Matsusaka Route multiple-use ticket on the Tsu Route, we will refund the price difference to you.

※ The cost of unused multiple-use tickets can be refunded at areas where they were purchased (Tsu Airport Line, travel agencies/facilities etc.) within the expiry date.

Fees TSU-NAGISAMACHI- Chubu International Airport (NGO/Centrair )
Commuter Pass Work Commuter Pass  1 month  ¥75,600 
3 months  ¥213,200 
6 months  ¥399,170 
Student Commuter Pass  1 month  ¥49,680 
3 months  ¥140,510
6 months  ¥262,880 

Purchasing Commuter Passes

  • Commuter passes can be purchased at ticket booths at all of Tsu Airport Line’s operating locations.
  • Payment Methods: Cash/Credit Card

Using Commuter Passes

  • A reservation is required to use commuter passes.
  • Commuter passes can only be used by the pass-holder.
  • Any refunds within the expiry date shall be based upon the company’s regulations.
Cancellation Expenses From 7 – 3 days prior From 2 days prior to time of departure After departure
10 30 100
  • All cancellation fees shall be rounded up to the nearest 10 yen figure.
  • The cancellation fee will apply for cancellations from 7 days prior to departure.
  • Please contact us if you plan to change or cancel your reservation.